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By car:

Put the postcode CV35 9LH in your satnav, and do as you’re told. 🙂 As you arrive, when the last instruction says “your destination is on your right hand side”, we’re actually on the left. Or vice versa obviously.

Zoom in to the house on the map above to see exactly where we’re going, or enter the PlusCode 9C4W5CRG+P43 into Google Maps, OSMand+, or your mapping platform of choice.

To charge an electric car, the house has a 7kW charge point with a tethered Type 2 cable, and an outdoor 32A single phase blue commando socket, which can be used free of charge throughout the event. (The Type 2 cable fits most EVs on the UK and European market, with the exception of some earlier Japanese models. Just ask if you’re not sure).

By train:

The easiest station to reach from the house is Leamington Spa (~15 km away), with trains from London Marylebone every 30 minutes and very frequently from Birmingham. We’ll do our best to arrange a lift from the station to the house and back, but if we don’t manage it, you can call a taxi (+44 1926 272700) or use Uber.

Stratford-upon-Avon station is also reachable, if that works better for you. Again, we’ll try to arrange a lift, but if not, call +44 1789 414007 or use Uber.

The address to give is “Staple Hill Farmhouse, Wellesbourne, CV35 9LH”. We’re on the opposite side of the road from the postcode centroid, so when the satnav says “your destination is on the right”, it’s actually on the left.

By bike:

If you arrive by train at Leamington Spa or Stratford-upon-Avon, you can cycle the ~15km to the house, but be aware that the country roads are not particularly cycle friendly. Like, at all.

If you cycle to the event from further afield, you will receive a round of applause on arrival and will have priority for the shower and for the most comfortable bed!

There is a secure, dry outhouse where bikes can be stored during the event.

By air:

If you happen to be a pilot, navigate to Wellesbourne Airfield (EGBW), a mere 6 minutes’ drive from the house.  😉

For non-pilots😉, the closest international airport is Birmingham International Airport (BHX). The airport is about 35 minutes from the house by car, but there is also one train every hour from BHX to Leamington Spa.