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The House

The C.I. Sleepover will be held at a farmhouse near the village of Wellesbourne in the centre of England. The house has 5 large bedrooms, 2 lounges, a dining room, a kitchen, but only 2 bathrooms. It is large and warm, but old fashioned.

The garden can accommodate a dozen tents if required, and still have space left for frisbees and barbecues.

There’s a small reservoir nearby where we are allowed to swim.

The house has a washing machine, wifi, and good central heating. Most mobile phones get a good signal outside, but the thick walls might restrict service inside.

This is part of the garden, during a giant hail storm a few years ago.
The reservoir. Nice for a dip in hot weather (in December too, if that’s your thing!)
And the house itself.


The house has a ground floor and a first floor which will be used during the event, with 16 stairs between the two. (It also has a cellar, but that will not be used). There are two toilets, one upstairs and one downstairs. There are two showers, one upstairs and one downstairs.

Almost the entire ground floor is accessible to wheelchair users and for those with restricted mobility. This includes the main lounge, the second lounge/classroom, the dining room, the kitchen, the toilet and the shower. (There is a small step to enter the shower). The pantry, also on the ground floor, has two steps down into it.

The upper storey has 5 bedrooms, 1 toilet, 1 bathroom with a shower over the bath and a sink.

It is possible to park a car very close to both entrances to the house. Both entrances have a small step at the threshold. There are large lawns in front of and behind the house, but it is possible to walk all the way around the house on flagstones or asphalt surfaces.

What to bring:

To sleep in the house, you will need to bring:

  • a pillow case
  • a sleeping bag OR a sheet + duvet cover
  • a bath towel (and a swimming towel, if you feel so inclined)

If you have enough space e.g. in your car, you could also pack:

  • a frisbee, a football, other garden games
  • an airbed in case we have people sleeping on the floor
  • an extra sleeping bag for the inevitable forgetful attendee